Taupe Argonite

Representing the earth, Aragonite is used to strengthen the connection to nature. It is used to find centre in the midst of chaos. The Camel Argonite Romantic creates a calming presence that will help give you peace of mind.


Premium 100% handmade Australian pressed wool felt.


The hats are all one size, which is 57 cm in circumference and the brim is 4 cm wide. Each unique Hopeless Romantic Hat is styled with a black ribbon which is 1.5 in wide. The size can be custom adjusted with the drawstrings included in the inner brim.


Product Description

Each LLR hat is made with premium 100% handmade Australian pressed wool felt. To achieve the high quality material required, a long and careful process is followed. The pressed felt process is the original felt manufacturing method, it alone provides a superior felt over any other method. Felt is formed through intertwining the shorts strands that branch off the main core of wool fibre. The wool is pressed and steamed in order to create the durable material. This process is preferred over woven techniques, as it creates a superior product.


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